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General Carter in his official uniform. He can be seen bearing the Jerusalem cross of the "Old Endorian Empire".

GeneralCarter is a player from Switzerland (CH) and has been on minecraft since 2010. First intruduced to the game by players Kaufen and Danicoolman, he has devloped both strong PVP and leadership skills. Admin for several major servers such as "RomeCraft", he is most recognized for his initial idea of a medieval-fantasy faction which would later become "Endor".

Playing in a wide range of hardcore Rp servers, such as Romecraft a hardcore roman theme base server. GeneralCarter is the member of staff which has the most experience in Roleplaying. Following his best friend Kaufen, he improved his building skills to a whole new level, each time improving.

Known to be really friendly and a good member of staff, GeneralCarter is a greatly appreciated person in communities.

GeneralCarter is inspiring on becoming a filmmaker in real life. Therefore, all media and video contents are handle by him, as he has more knowledge on those areas than any other current members of staff.