The First Great Seige refers to the battle of SnowFall Fortress in the server "GalaxyCraft". The Endorian castle was attacked by two combined rival factions which saw its geographical position as threatening for it's interests.

Located near the Talwick Frozen Lake, the castle was built as an effort for Endor to secure it's position in the server and to assure the creation of its empire. Endor is one of many Empires forged in blood and harsh beginings. According to retreived documents, the castle was guarded the night of the attack. Furthermore, there are increasing evidences that the attack was "expected". Endor was defeated and pushed back to spawn. They were later forced to rebuild from scratch. In an attempt to maintain the strategic region, a mining city (see: Endorian Mine) was built only a few kilometeres away from SnowFall Fortress.